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What We Do

There are three aspects of the minimum order quantity.

– Labelwise minimum order quantity: Normally the minimum label order quantity is 25.000 sets per artwork.
– Productionwise minimum order quantity: Normally the minimum order quantity of tubs and lids is 20’ container load.
– Minimum production quantity for tub and lid color changes: Normally the minimum production quantity with one color before we change the color is 25.000 pcs.
However, in reality, we can bend these rules. Let us say you chose 11022 coded product for icecream and you want to place an order of 59.000 sets which is 20’ container load and you have 4 different flavours. Let us say the flavourwise quantity is 5.000, 13.000, 35.000 and 6.000 sets. If you accept only two different tub and lid colors (one for 35.000 set flavour and one color for the other three) and if we can get all the artworks printed on the same print run, this order is within the MOQ limits. Label printer can print all the artworks on the same print run under these conditions: If all the artworks are prepared based on CMYK colors without any extra pantone color requirement or if the same pantone color is shared by all the artworks.
In order to rule out probable misunderstandings it is better to inform us at the beginning of the negotiation about the exact number of flavours and the exact color quantity of all artworks for those flavours. Based on this, we can prepare a more realistic price offer. If you are not sure about the flavours and the colors in the beginning, our offer will based on the assumption that all of the artworks will be prepared based on CMYK colors without extra pantone color requirement. The price offer can be revised after you decide the flacour quantity and the color quantity of their artworks, if needed.

In an unlikely event of quality issues, for better traceability it is important that you take a picture of the carton sticker and attach it to the complaint email. There are certain codes on these carton stickers that enable us trace the production history and the materials used. Furthermore, attaching pictures to describe the nature of the problem will be very helpful. In some cases we will ask you to send samples of the non-qualified products. In case of a complaint, please try to provide information and visuals as many as possible.

In this packaging production technique, the plastic raw material (PP, PS, PE, but mostly PP) is melted and injected into a mold. The mold has two parts, male and female. The molten raw material fills the space between the male and female parts and the shape of the mold is changed by cooling. is ensured to be transferred.

In mould labels (IML) are preprinted labels. IML labels are placed into the injection mould with the help of a robot. Then the mould (male and female parts) closes and the raw material is injected. In this process, preprinted labels (IML) and the injected plastic material are unified and they become one piece. Contrary to regular stickers, once applied, IML labels can not be removed from the tub or lid. IML labels are more attractive on the shelves and they are stronger in terms of reducing the complications of heat and moisture that effect regular stickers a lot.

There are many different types of IML labels available depending on your market needs and the budget you are willing to allocate.

– Orange Peel IML labels: This type is the most commonly used type of IML because it is cost efficient, it is process friendly (causes less rejection during production), it allows overlapping to a certain limit and last but not the least, it does not cause convexity or dome shape on the tub or lid.
– Glossy IML labels: This type is a good option to differentiate your packaging. It has a glossy look. It can be even glossier by applying UV lacquer on top of it (High Gloss IML).
– Cold Foil Metalic IML labels: One more step to differentiate your packaging. A metalic look can be given to the chosen areas on the label. Your logo or message can be in metalic look, attracting more attention, for example.
– Transparent IML: In case you want the consumers to see the product you are filling into the packaging, this might be a good option. Ofcourse, the packaging itself should be suitable for transparent production. Some of the moulds we have are not suitable for transparency. Please contact our sales representative to learn if the packaging you are interested can be produced as transparent.
– Oxygen or UV barrier IML labels: If you need a longer shelf life, these barrier labels are a good option. However, the whole surface of the packaging should be covered by these IML labels in order to work efficiently. As a result, they require specific tub and lid moulds.

– We need to receive the actual flavourwise quantity from your side,

– We need to prepare the proforma invoice and send it to you for approval,
– We need to receive the artworks from your side based on the keylines we provided,
– We will send you the pictures of the artworks and ask you to give approval for the text, barcode, placement etc.
– We need to receive the down payment (in case the agreed payment term requires it),
For some companies we directly go into order processing at this level. For some of them the procedure continues:
– We send you color proofs so that you can check the color that will be printed on the labels and make sure the colors are matching with what you had in your mind while preparing the artwork. Please note that the actual label colors and the color proof colors may differ by 5%. 
For some companies, we process the order after receiving an email with the signed color proofs. But for some of them the procedure continues:
– If you want to be present while the labels are printed to give approval for the colors, we will get in touch with the printer, ask for the earliest print date and then inform you. 
Someone from your company will come to Turkey (most of the printers are located in Istanbul, very close to our factory) and give color approval while the labels are being printed. Please note that if this is required, accommodation and flight tickets will be borne by your company.

– The keyline will be provided by us and the artwork should be prepared based on the instructions given on the keyline such as the inner distance to the cutting line.

– Resolution of the images should be minimum 300dpi.
– All text areas should be converted with “create outlines” command.
– The artwork should be sent to us in vectoral format as AI file.
– The artwork should be sent to us “as layered” for probable color adjustments.
– Please send the artworks to us through a website link such as WeTransfer. This will speed up the procedure.

The approximate production time is determined by rendering the order into the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System. It provides an approximate date and should not be interpreted as the exact production date. Production planning before entering the ERP system does not constitute a definite production commitment. After the production is completed the exact delivery date will be communicated to the buyer.

Standard Payment Method: 30% following PI signature and 70% before loading. The Seller collaborates with Eximbank for international trade transactions. The Seller might grant a deferred payment term based on the Buyer’s credit limit set by Eximbank. The Seller's business operations rely on credit limits and payment deadline approvals set by Eximbank for the Buyer. In the event that the Buyer fails to make a payment on time, a notification about the delay is communicated to Eximbank. In such instances, the Buyer bears the responsibility for any adverse effects on their creditworthiness or harm to their reputation resulting from the delayed payment.

Our hygiene and quality policies are determined under the guidance of our BRC and ISO9001 certificates and implemented without any concessions. See our certificates.


In FCA/EXW/FOB deliveries, the buyer has to get the goods insured. Please do not forget to get the goods insured in FCA/EXW/FOB deliveries. We get the goods insured in the deliveries other than FCA/EXW/FOB. In cases where we get the goods insured, we need to be properly informed about the damages to initiate the compensation process. Otherwise, we can not assume any responsibility. You can see how the informing should be done by downloading the PDF: PDF