What We Do

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Industrial Packaging Design,

We realize the industrial designs of your new packaging with modern, original and ergonomic lines at the speed that best suits your project schedule. Thanks to our industrial design competence, the new packaging designs of many of the global food brands bear Plastmore's signature. We share with you the images of alternative new designs of your packaging, which is the silent marketer of your product, and present the 3-D prints of the ones you have chosen among them to your liking. In finalizing the design of your packaging, we share our 35 years of plastic packaging design experience with you, and support you in choosing the most ergonomic, popular, most manufacturable and cost-effective design. In line with your request, we register and protect your unique packaging design.

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- Packaging Mold Design:

Within the body of our plastic injection mold company MOLDMORE, we design the plastic injection mold for your new packaging. By following the technological trends in mold design, we design your mold with the help of modeling and simulation programs infrastructure, which can produce the optimum weight product for you at maximum speed.

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Packaging Mold Manufacturing,

Within our mold company MOLDMORE, we manufacture your new plastic injection mold with our 35 years of mold manufacturing experience and strong machine infrastructure. We create the optimum capacity and maximum mold life with you in the selection of mold material and mold elements. We produce your new mold with maximum precision in the fastest way according to your project schedule. We make the trial production of your new mold and present the final version of the new product for your approval.

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Label Design,

As Plastmore, we also offer support to our customers on label design. We introduce you to the design companies we work with within the framework of solution partnership. With our experienced graphic design team, we contribute to the completion process of the design by drawing attention to the problems that the design may arise during printing and possible problems regarding how it will appear on the packaging after application.

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Packaging Production,

With our understanding of total quality embodied in our BRC certificate, we produce your packaging in an environment based on food safety. We strive to reduce costs and keep our carbon footprint at a minimum by taking measures to reduce waste and using machines with low energy usage. Thanks to our technical team with 35 years of experience, our time to intervene in possible malfunctions and restart production is our difference compared to our competitors. Thanks to our mold company MOLDMORE, we can maintain and repair our molds in-house, and in this way, we prevent time loss.

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-Technical Support in Your Filling Line:

We are at your service with our competent technical team in order to ensure that the packaging you supply from the Plastmore product range or newly designed for you can be put into use in your filling line without any problems. We support you in early detection and on-site intervention of problems that may arise in commissioning your new packaging in your filling line. We are partnering with you about minor revisions in your filling line to ensure that the packaging you choose from our current product range runs smoothly into your filling line. We offer our technical experience in filling lines, such as flowing of the package from the magazine, walking on the production line, film or lid closing, for your benefit.