Why Plastmore?

Varlık 28

Product Variety

Plastmore is a leader brand in Turkey providing a wide range of products including ice cream, labne cheese, cream cheese, white cheese, creamy chocolate, margarine, butter, yogurt, helva and delicatessen products.

Varlık 26

Customized Solutions

Plastmore has over 35 years of production experience. With its own quality laboratory, mold workshop and latest technology production line, the company can respond to many different customer needs. With a flexible production structure the company makes sure customers are always one step ahead in market conditions that rely on competition.

Varlık 25

High Level Customer Relations Management

Plastmore considers its customers the real owners of the company and therefore practices transparency and continuity in communication as one of its main principles. From the offer stage to delivery of the goods information concerning their order is provided to the customer regularly and without interruption.

Varlık 27

Quality Approach

Plastmore, which has BRC, ISO9001, ISO10002, ISO14001, and ISO45001 certificates, attaches great importance to total quality understanding. The dozens of awards it has received over the years are the clearest indication of this understanding.