Medoil (Polina Group)

Medoil (Polina Group)

The company MEDOIL makes part of POULINA GROUP HOLDING, the first Tunisian private group owning more than sixty subsidiaries in industry, trading and service sectors.

MEDOIL is specialized in production of soft tub margarine, professional margarine, mayonnaise and dressings, vegetable fats and shortenings and bottled oils (corn, soybean, sunflower and frying oils).

MEDOIL’s history is marked out of innovations which set the corporation today amongst the leaders in its own business sector in Tunisia and worldwide.

Jadida, the historical brand of the corporation is accompanying millions of Tunisians on a day-to-day basis. For 25 years, Med Oil has continued to pursue the development of its quality system in an environment increasingly competitive to ensure the satisfaction of its customers.

Plastmore is assisting Med Oil with its IML food packaging solutions in Med Oil’s goal to achieve customer’s satisfaction. We have spoken with Mr Saidi Mohamed Hedi, Purchase Manager at Med Oil and we asked him about Plastmore’s contribution to Med Oil’s packaging needs:

“We have started working with Plastmore a couple of years ago and now Plastmore is our main supplier in 250gr, 500gr and 2.5 kg margarine packages. We are very happy with the service and product quality Plastmore provides. We consider Plastmore as one of our strategically important suppliers. We will gradually increase our turnover and strengthen our relationship in near future. We are sure Plastmore will continue providing this level of product and service quality.”