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Turkish Nation: One Heart, One Voice

Ustun Plastik(Plastmore)’s Chairman Mr. Saban Gulbahar has been elected as vice president of the executive board of the Ikitelli Industrial Organized Area (IOSB), the largest one in Turkey with its 30.000 of work places and 300.000 of employees. You can watch the video to learn more about IOSB:


By law, the president of the industrial area is the governor and the vice president is elected by the members of the industrial area. The management is conducted by the vice president. IOSB publishes a magazine once in every 2 months and the editorial is written by Mr. Saban Gulbahar. In this edition of Plastmore Newsletter, we wanted to share Mr. Gulbahar’s article commenting on the recent events that took place in our beloved country (Resource: Ikitelli OSB Haber, edition: 32, May-June 2016, page:3):


Turkish Nation: One Heart, One Voice

Dear valued friends,

After we had left behind the intensive days full with sharing in the serenity of the month of Ramadan and the Eid Holiday following it, Turkish people were exposed to a deep pain and sorrow. Our beloved motherland was exposed to a treacherous coup attempt. But thank Allah, this noble nation has not let those traitors succeed by shielding their bodies in front of tanks. Honorable police and army members, civil servants, workers, politicians and citizens of this country have become one heart and one voice against the traitors. Based on the declared numbers, 208 sons and daughters of this country have lost their lives for the survival of their beloved country. 1491 citizens have been wounded. These barbaric traitors who lost their mind and conscience, turned the guns bought by the people’s money at the people. Thank Allah they failed. Once again we saw that no one is strong enough to destroy Turkish people. May Allah bless the martyrs who lost their lives for the well-being of their country and fellow citizens. May Allah help those who were wounded. Turkish people are waiting with their belief in the national will for the day the traitors will be punished. Those who betrayed their country shall be tried. I wish for the continuity of the solidarity and consolidation portrait we witnessed against the coup attempt shown by all the political parties of our Parliament. Now the solution is in the hands of our Parliament and all the political parties from the ruling party to the opposition parties must fulfil whatever responsibility falls on their share.

gulbahar-218x300Valued friends,

I want to draw your attention to a couple of points and comment on some issues about our country and region with the awareness of our ability to overcome difficulties, despite the troubled days. The power balance is changing globally. England saying no to the EU referendum might trigger the possibility of other countries following the example of England. Even only talking about this will not cause good results. The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker’s “We will not be kind to those who leave the Union” statement might pressurize England and the countries think alike. How should Turkey read this panorama? Turkey is a candidate for the EU. As far as I am concerned, instead of thinking of entering the EU, Turkey should try to make the best out of the power it has gained recently in Balkans, Central Asia and Middle East. Incidents like Germany recognizing the “Armenian Genocide”, English Minister of Justice Gove’s statement towards finding visa-free entry for Turkish citizens as risky, Germany’s and actually whole Europe’s reluctancy towards facilitating visa-free entry for Turkish citizens show that Turkey is not appreciated in Europe. Is it important? Certainly not. As I have always been defending and speaking out Turkey is already a powerful country based on its regional location. We did not let global players, who are concerned about Turkey’s power, harm us and we will not let them in future.


Dear friends,

Before Germany recognized the 1915 events as genocide in the parliament, we had visited Germany. We were there based on the invitation of the president of Berlin MIT (Management of German Organized Industrial Areas) whom we had hosted in Istanbul within the framework of German-Turk SME (Small and Medium sized Enterprises) Forum. This was in continuation of the talks we had in Istanbul about the preliminary works of the Turk-German SME Forum which is planned to take place in October. With this 2 days program that will take place in October in Germany we aim to inform both the German investors and the Turkish investors going to Germany about the economical and commercial environment in both countries and to organize face-to-face meetings. Afterwards we aim to facilitate seamless information flow and to draw attention to the government incentives valid for the investable areas. Turkish-German relations has a historical value. Today, Germany owes its industrialization and economic growth to Turkish labour among other things. Such that we are a nation that created a work force by sending our friends and relatives. As a matter of fact, in Berlin and in other cities of Germany, Turkish and German SMEs show the traces of labour intensive immigration.

In the circumstances, during the talks we had with politicians in Berlin, we did not refrain from drawing their attention to our differences and emphasizing on the importance and interdependency of our relations and asserting that if not in whole Europe, Germany should pass the visa-free entry for Turkish citizens. We met MP of Berlin State Parliament and member of the Berlin State Parliament’s Finance Commission Aleksandr Herman, MPs of the Federal Parliament Martin Potzold and Kai Wagner and communicated them that there are 72 criteria imposed on Turkey and that it will not be easy to solve the problem considering the influence of the other EU member states. Moreover, we emphasized that because of this fact, Germany can uniletarally pass visa-free entry for the business people registered to the chambers of commerce and industry in Turkey and that this needs to be discussed with the authorized bodies and solved as soon as possible. We believe that only this way European community can get rid of its fears and only this way German-Turkish economic collaboration can grow fast.

From our point of view, the talks were very positive. All the politicians we talked with agreed on the points we stated and told us that they will carry these points to Prime Minister Mrs. Merkel. But what happened after we came back from Germany and the decisions taken by their Parliament appearantly will not carry the process to a positive point. Time strengthens one’s patience and learning. We will see in time what will happen to the Turk-German SME Forum and notably to visa-free entrance claims. Allah has given so strong of a patience to Turkish people that Turkish people succeeded in surviving with their honor and pride without bowing down to oppression. Our country faced difficult days because of the terrorist attack to the Ataturk Airport before the failed coup attempt. The attack to the airport was a massacre. Our organization also lost one member in that attack. Once again may Allah bless the lost ones during the coup attemtp and during the airport attack, may Allah help those who were wounded and may Allah grant patience to the families and to our nation. The strength, will, faith, courage and spirit of our glorious nation will keep our beloved colors up high eternally.

Yours truly


Şaban Gülbahar

Chairman, Ustun Plastik,

Vice president of the executive board of the Ikitelli Industrial Organized Area (IOSB).