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Trying to make the world a better place


The world is craving for peace. Hatred and discrimination is everywhere.

Everyone should do everything in their power to stop this madness and try to make the world a better place. If we do not take responsibility and do something about it, situation will get worse.
Not only individuals and countries but also companies should play a role in this betterment.

P1140669Knowing this, Plastmore gives a strong emphasis on foreign trade. We consider foreign trade as a means that brings people together and removes the walls of hatred and discrimination.

With the leadership of our Chairman Mr. Saban Gulbahar, Plastmore aims to contribute in peace. Our leader Mr. Gulbahar is the president of a foundation (AvrasyaBir) that gives scholarships to foreign students that study in Turkey. This t2way the students can study in Turkey without any financial problem. Mr. Gulbahar’s vision and mission towards making the world a better place reflects on Plastmore as well.

t3We are aware of our responsibilities in this respect and we try hard to stand tall as a socially responsible entity and we stronly suggest you all to step up and start contributing in this betterment.