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Unilever Ice Cream

Unilever Ice Cream

uniIcecream market is growing very rapidly in Turkey and the market leader by far is Unilever. Thanks to the advertisement campaigns run, and special products developed and introduced by Unilever, Turkish icecream consumers started consuming icecream in winter too.

Plastmore is one of Unilever’s IML packaging suppliers and the relation grows deeper every year.

Based on this deepening relationship, Plastmore has become Unilever’s R&D partner in Turkey.  Plastmore and Unilever R&D teams leveraged their time and knowledge and created 3 new icecream packages for Unilever Algida.

One of these packages include a special food grade foil application on a 5.5 lt icecream scooping package that makes the tub look like steel after being placed on the scooping shelf. Plastmore is the first packaging producer in the world to come up with this solution.

uni2The second package is developed for a special kind of local icecream (Maraş) which Unilever Algida produces in industrial scale for the consumers who love the local taste. This package provides double grip for the tamper evident lid. Plastmore’s and Unilever Algida’s joint efforts resulted in the first tamper evident packaging with IML labels that is sturdy enough for the local kind of icecream.

The third package includes a special foldable spoon attached on the lid of a 150 ml icecream tamper evident tub. This solution eliminates the need of a carton barrier between the icecream and the spoon because the spoon is attached to the bottom of the lid. The trick here was to come up with a solution to place a spoon under the lid which needs to be long enough to reach to the bottom of the tub. The folded spoon is opened and then folded again to make it long enough to hit the icecream in the bottom of the tub without getting any fingers covered with icecream remnants.

There is another revolutionary package yet to be introduced to the Turkish icecream market by Unilever Algida which is developed by the joint efforts of Algida and Plastmore; however, we can not share the details yet.