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Sofra Dairy is one of the largest influencers in the ethnic dairy products market in Western Europe. The company was founded in 1996 by Caner Gürses. Sofra Dairy Products is located in a central location in Netherlands with a specially developed production facility. Besides packing dairy products in its own brand, Sofra Dairy provides a wide variety of dairy products for private labeling. Yogurt, ayran, tulum and feta cheese are the main products of Sofra Dairy.


Sofra Dairy has become Plastmore’s customer recently and a strategic partnership has emerged specially for 1 kg yogurt buckets. We have asked Mr. Gürses why Plastmore has become one of Sofra Dairy’s largest packaging suppliers in a short time:

sofraFirst of all Plastmore reacts to our demands very quickly and this is very important to us considering the situation the ethnic market in Western Europe is in nowadays. We receive customer demands very fast and we need packaging as soon as possible. Plastmore’s fast reaction comes in very handy. The quality of the product is good enough, the price is reasonable and on top of that we are experiencing a fast and helpful customer service. We expect the same level of speed and helpfulness from Plastmore to further increase our partnership.