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In this edition we spoke with the general manager of Patisen, Mr. Ahmed Akel. We asked him about who Patisen is, what Patisen expects from future and how Plastmore can be of any assistance in their journey.

Since 1981 Patisen has grown to become a company that owns more than 25 prestigious brands. Among these brands we can count Adja Margarine, Adja Bouillione, Mami Bouillione and Chocopain spreadable chocolate. These are all very well known brands not only in Senegal but also in West and Central Africa.

Patisen created a revolution in taste and packaging which turned the company into a university of performance and quality. Patisen is definitely the diamond of West and Central Africa.2p

Plastmore is Patisen’s main supplier of IML packaging for foodstuffs. Plastmore is proud that it played a role in Patisen’s revolutionary approach
to packaging in its region. Patisen and Plastmore’s relation has grown very strong for the last four years and they became business partners.

One of the values of Patisen is stated as follows: “In its active approach to use only natural products, PATISEN sets up specifications to strictly selected best suppliers and inputs on both the local and international market”.

3pWe asked Mr. Akel, the brain behind the recent success of Patisen, what they expect from future and how Plastmore can assist them:

–    Patisen expanded its export market in recent years and the market is growing. Patisen is a succesful brand known for its quality and taste. To maintain the brand equity we achieved, we need the support of our suppliers. We tend to create long term business partnerships in the sense of supply chains. We are aware that nowadays supply chains are competing with one another rather than individual companies. Knowing that, we need to build a close relation with our suppliers. Plastmore is a good example for that. We expect Plastmore to assist us in future as they do now, with their customer-centric approach.