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NTNL Pack Marketing Packaging Solutions is Plastmore’s distributor in Greece. NTNL Pack has a profound market insight in Greece and its neighbouring countries. Plastmore and NTNL Pack started their strategic relationship in 2011. Since then we expanded our business and we expect to expand further in the near future.

We spoke with Mr. Necati Nalbant (partner) from NTNL Pack to learn about NTNL Pack’s future plans and what Plastmore can do to match the packaging needs in Greece.

Question 1- Can you please explain why you trust Plastmore to solve the packaging needs of your customers in Greece?

Answer 1- First of all, Plastmore is very flexible towards new projects and it is a pleasant experience to work with a professional,  easy going and helpful staff. Plastmore’s main competitive advantage is its customer oriented approach. We have worked with so many IML packaging suppliers so far and Plastmore is the most willing supplier when it comes to solving our problems and answering our questions including our price quotation demands.

Question 2- What is your future plans and what do you expect from Plastmore?2n

Answer 2- We trust in Plastmore for providing quality products for reasonable prices and most importantly for providing a better experience. Based on this trust, we are developing new projects together and very soon we will increase our market share in Greece. We have some setbacks in transportation. In other words transportation does not happen as smoothly as indicated in the values we set for NTNL Pack. Right now we are investing in our own transportation vehicles and once we start importing products from Turkey with our own trailers, everything will be much better. Cost and service-wise we will be able to satisfy our customers even more than before. This will provide further penetration for us in the Greek market. We trust Plastmore will continue to provide quality service and product and together we will increase our market share in Greece.