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Nawar Margarine


nwarUnited Foods Company, located in Dubai – UAE, is one of the most influential players in the Middle East market for margarine, ghee, butter and edible oil. After going through an internal reconstruction United Foods is ready to rock the market with its high quality products. They have a new logo that represents the change the company had been through. To match their new logo and message, they created new artworks which better represent their high quality products. Nawar, Mumtaz and Aseel are the brands of United Foods and Plastmore comes in help with IML packagingfor these brands. We spoke with Mr. Rajeev Singh from United Foods Company to see what is expected from Plastmore in their journey towards enlarging their market share:“Recently we have gone through a lot of changes which includes a new marketing strategy. We changed our logo and message; and packaging is a strong instrument to conduct this message to our consumers. We started working with Plastmore for our IML package needs and we are happy with the value they contribute.”