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Operational in Mauritius since 1967, Margarine Industries Limited offers a wide range of table margarine, industrial margarine, butter and ghee. In table margarine category, there are brands like Tara, Fleur D’OR and Mil, Butterfly Brand for Butter products, Vita Vanaspati for vegetable ghee and cow’s milk ghee known as Vita Ghee. The products meet the requirements of different cuisines including pastries and the needs of the hotel network and individuals.

Substantial investment in sophisticated filling and packaging equipment has enabled the company to increase its product range, widen its market share and continuously improve the quality of its product and service.

2tPlastmore and Margarine Industries have been working together since 2011. We spoke with Mr. Salim Sulliman, General Manager at Margarine Industries and his feedback on Plastmore is:

“We have a long business relationship with Plastmore. We keep giving Plastmore more orders for our total injection-made packages (with IML labels) every year. Plastmore’s product and service quality is satisfactory and we expect Plastmore to keep it that way.”