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Kasih Group


In Jordan, halawa has been associated with Kasih Factories Group For Foodstuff for more than 75 years. For 3 quarters of a century Kasih halawa and tahini have always been well-known for their high quality and unique flavor. Plastmore’s relation with Kasih brand for halawa packaging goes way back to 2006. Since then we have been supplying injection made plastic packaging with IML labels for Kasih halawa. Kasih was one of Plastmore’s first regular export customers and because of this, Kasih Factories has a special place in Plastmore’s growth journey.

We spoke with Mr. Essam Kasih and Mr. Husam Kasih to see what their growth plans are and what they expect from Plastmore in future.

k2Question 1- Plastmore and Kasih Factories have been working for 8 years. Plastmore produced a 450 gr packaging tool specially for Kasih Factories. Other than that, Plastmore produced another 500 gr new tool specially for Kasih Factories which is used specifically in Kasih Factories’ exports to Saudi Arabia. What do you think of your relation with Plastmore?

Answer 1- Plastmore assisted us very well in our promise of delivering high quality halawa in packages that made our brand stand out in the market shelves. During the 8 years we have been working, we created 2 new models with Plastmore and Plastmore provided effective co-creation facilities.For 7 years Plastmore has been our sole supplier of injection made packages with IML labels but last year we had to start working with a second supplier located in Jordan because of the incidents in Syria. Products from Turkey, can not arrive by land shipments anymore and sea shipments take too much time. However, our close relation with Plastmore still goes on and we hope to expand our business in near future.

k3Question 2- Speaking of future growth plans, what do you expect from Plastmore in future?

Answer 2- Recently we expanded our export market specially in Saudi Arabia. We exporting our products to more than 26 countries all over the world . One of the packages we created with Plastmore is only used for our export products. As our export market grows, we will require more assistance from Plastmore and we trust that they will be there for us when we need them, as they have been for the last 8 years.