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Juneidi Jordan

Juneidi Jordan


Noman Al-Juneidi for Food Industries – Jordan is one of the leading brands in Jordan who has been producing dairy products, salad, halva and desserts since 2008. Plastmore is Noman Al-Juneidi for Food Industries – Jordan’s main supplier of injection made packages with IML labels for 3 years.

We spoke with Ms Ruwaida Shafaomari, Procurement Manager & GM Assistant at Noman Al-Juneidi for Food Industries – Jordan to learn about their future plans of growth and what they expect from Plastmore.

2jQuestion 1- You describe your core values and goals as becoming the leader for dairy and food products industries with excellent reputation in providing high quality products, servicing clients and distributing commodities. Furthermore you state that you work hard to deliver your promises in a way that provides quality, reliability and value to your customers right on time. Can you please explain us how well Plastmore assisted you to deliver your promises to your customers for the last three years?

3jAnswer 1- In the begining we started working with Plastmore with a small order. After that, Plastmore became our main supplier for “injection made packaging with IML labels” for the last three years. Plastmore won our heart with its professional, easy to reach and helpful personel and its wide range of quality food packages. IML packages in general and Plastmore packages in special, helped us achieve our reputation in the market. In the end of the day, quality packaging that makes your brand stand out in the market shelves is as important as the quality product you fill in the package.

Question 2-
Plastmore started supplying packages to Noman Al-Juneidi for Food Industries – Palestine as well. What is your future plans of growth and expansion in Jordan, Palestine and in the region? What do you expect from Plastmore in your  journey?

Answer 2- Our company in Jordan and in Palestine is rapidly growing in terms of turnover and market share. Salad and dairy products are the main segments we are targeting. We heavily rely on quality packaging to support our brand equity in the market and we trust Plastmore to take care of that part. We expect our growth to continue steadily and we are willing to continue delivering our promises.