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Cartu Universali

Cartu Universali


In 2013 the ice cream category in Georgia was led by Cartu-Universali Ltd, with a 43% market share and the strength of Cartu-Universali is that it presents two brands – Campara (premium segment) and Tolia (mainstream segment).

We spoke with Mr. George Chkonia, the Directotr of  Cartu-Universali  to learn about their future plans and what they expect from Plastmore in their journey.

Question 1- Plastmore and Cartu-Universali started doing business in 2014 and thanks to compnany’s large market share in Georgian icecream market, Cartu-Universali  became one of Plastmore’s top 10 export customers in one year. What is your plan regarding family size 1 lt and 5 lt icecream for 2015? Do you only target to keep your position as number 1 icecream in Georgia or do you also plan exporting your products?

2cAnswer 1- Cartu-Universali is planing to maintain and strangthen the position in family pack segment. Our aim is to popularize ice cream consumption at home and to increase family pack ice cream market. We expect Plastmore to support us in our journey by maintaining the quality of the packages they supply to us.

Question 2- Plastmore is willing to contribute to your brand equity by supplying quality packages for your end users and to make your journey easier by providing a better service with its helpful and always reachable staff. As you know, Cartu is working on two new projects with Plastmore. One is for 900 ml and the other is for 4.5 lt icecream packages. How do you find Plastmore’s co-creation facilities?

3cAnswer 2- Based on our experience Plastmore is one of the most flexible companies in terms of customized product development with quick decisions and implementation. The company policy to stick to customer needs and requirements makes it even better by simplifying the success task of each project.