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Batterjee Icecream (Jumbo)

Batterjee Icecream (Jumbo)

1bIn this edition we prepared a report about Jumbo Icecream (Batterjee). We spoke with Mr. Jamal Al Basheer  the Plant Manager of Jumbo Icecream.

Jumbo Icecream is Plastmore’s strategic partner in Saudi Arabia. Plastmore is Jumbo Icecream’s main packaging supplier. Jumbo Icecream is growing rapidly and we asked Mr. Jamal what they expect from future and what Jumbo’s growth plans are.

2b1-      Can you please give us some information about Jumbo Icecream and its expextations from future?

Since Jumbo Icecream’s foundation we grew every year and gained more market share in Saudi Arabia. For family size packaging, we are focusing on 2 lt icecream and we are the market leader in Saudi Arabia. We are using 5 lt, 1 lt, 500ml and 250ml packages as well but we mainly focus on 2 lt on purpose.

Our icecream is hygenically produced with state of the art machinery and this results in high quality icecream. This is why we are the only icecream company in Saudi Arabia that can steadily increase its end price every year.

We are also willing to increase our market share in 1lt, 500ml and 250 ml icecream.

2-      How do you describe your relation with Plastmore as your main packaging supplier?

Plastmore is one of the leading icecream packaging producers in the region. When we were contacted by Plastmore, we were not in the need of changing our packaging. However Plastmore convinced us on the positive impact we would gain in the market if we used high quality packaging with high glossy IML labels to match our high quality icecream.


Now we are very happy with the results we are receiving from the market thanks to the high quality Plastmore packages.

Now our brand equity is supported by Plastmore packages.

We have high expectations from future and we trust on Plastmore packaging to asisst us in our journey.