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Bakhresa Group is one of the leading Industrial houses in Tanzania, East Africa  and it has emerged as one of the prominant family owned business group in the region. The group’s operation spread across Tanzania,Zanzibar,Uganda,Kenya,Rwanda,B urundi,Malawi,Mozambique and South Africa. There are range of companies under its umbrella and with investment primarily in the food and beverages sector , packaging, logistics, marine passenger services, petroleum and entertainment. The Brand AZAM has become synonymous with the group . It is now a symbol of quality,reliability and affordability in Tanzania. Plastmore is supplying icecream packages to Bakhresa Food Products Limited.

thumbnail_nova ice creamBakhresa Food Product Ltd. Produces the premium quality,delicious and nutritious “Azam” and “Nova” brands of Ice cream enjoyed by hundred and thousands of people in the region. The stae of the art technology , excellent quality ingredients from world leaders and well trainedskilled man power are used to produce unique tasty and smooth creamy textured dairy and Yogurt based ice cream in a very hygeinic environment Plastmore is the main packaging material Supplier with attractive developed designs to pack both Azam and Nova brand quality ice cream products. Plastmore considers Bakhresa as one of its strategically important customers.

We asked Mr. Shaikh Khurshid Ahmed, General Manager at Bakhresa Food Products, regarding BFPL’s relation with Plastmore:

– Mr. Khurshid please describe us why Plastmore has become a strategic partner for BFPL. Plastmore is one of the leading IML food packaging suppliers in Middle East and Africa. We started working with Plastmore 5 years ago and every year our relation got stronger. Besides supplying quality icecream packages Plastmore is providing continuous development on the packages we are buying from them. This is important for us. We expect the same support from Plastmore in future.