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Al Juneidi Palestine

Al Juneidi Palestine

Ever since the establishment of Al Juneidi Company for Dairy and Food Products in Hebron – Palestine in 1982, it has been committed to the high standards of its products and the modernity of its systems, which is reflected in its overall performance and the quality of its products. While minding the Public Health and Food Safety practices, Al Juneidi has always been set on meeting its customers’ needs of dairy and various food products that are harmonious with the Palestinian taste and culture..

Today Al Juneidi for Dairy and Food Products is considered to be Palestine’s number one leading company in its field.,. Its sales basket contains a wide variety of dairy products, fresh salad, snacks and long term milk and juice which makes it the heart of the Palestinian and national pride.

Plastmore assists Al Juneidi with labneh packages at the moment. We spoke with Mr. Nidal Al Juneidi, Deputy General Manager at Al Juneidi Company and asked how he describes the relationship between Plastmore and Al Juneidi:


2“Nowadays B2B products in general and plastic packaging in particular are becoming commodities and there are only two factors left that differentiate packaging suppliers. One is the price and the other is the service quality of the supplier. Price levels are more or less the same so the real difference shows itself in service. And this is exactly where we are satisfied with Plastmore’s value offer. Plastmore is flexible and easy to work with. We hope this will continue in future and thus we will expand our business together.”